From Cell Blocks to Truck Stops: A Journey of Redemption, Resilience, and the Road Ahead Paperback – August 25, 2023

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As a coach, mentor and advisor who works with women in the C-Suite I will be recommending this book to many of my clients and also the college students I teach and mentor. Maggie hits all of the relevant and important areas and shares actionable advice for women aspiring to leadership positions to begin implementing immediately.

In the captivating pages of From Cell Blocks to Truck Stops, immerse yourself in a compelling tale of transformation, determination, and the boundless potential of second chances. This gripping narrative follows an individual’s resolute journey from the confines of a prison cell to the expansive landscapes of the trucking industry.

Step into the shoes of the author as they recount their triumphant reentry into society after emerging from prison in 2013. A riveting exploration of the human spirit, this book takes readers on an evocative expedition through the highs and lows of life post-incarceration. With candid honesty, the author delves into the challenges faced upon reintegration, including the gritty reality of laboring at a mattress manufacturing company, working tirelessly to steer clear of the streets that once held them captive.

From Cell Blocks to Truck Stops unravels a story of relentless pursuit, where the author’s determination to grasp a second chance propels them into uncharted territories. Witness the heartrending moments of finger-stapling mishaps and the indomitable will to master unfamiliar skills. Through an intimate lens, the narrative encapsulates the rollercoaster of emotions as the author navigates from complete novice to attaining their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Readers are granted a rare insight into the transformational power of mentorship, as the author’s driving instructor—a former prison colleague—becomes a beacon of encouragement, illuminating the path forward.

Delve into the heart of an industry that fuels the nation’s economy and explore the astounding potential it holds. The book presents a compelling argument for trucking as a lucrative career choice, offering unparalleled financial prospects without the prerequisite of a GED or a college degree. The pages resonate with statistics about the industry’s colossal impact, revealing that an astounding 70% of all US goods are transported via trucking, constituting an $800 million economic behemoth.


Yet, within this compelling tale lies not only a tribute to personal growth and resilience but also a poignant exploration of the industry’s future. With captivating foresight, the author addresses the advent of self-driving trucks, demystifying their role and impact. In a world where automation is advancing at breakneck speed, the book reassures those in the industry that human intuition, adaptability, and reaction remain irreplaceable.


From Cell Blocks to Truck Stops stands as a testament to the transformative potential within each of us, showcasing the rewards that await those who seize their second chances with both hands. This is a story of the road less traveled, inspiring readers to embrace adversity, and find the strength to steer their lives in an entirely new direction.

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